Frequently Asked Questions:Autism Benefits

How do we get an Autism assessment or autism services (speech, OT, ABA) for my child through insurance?

What do I do if I am in a PPO?

For PPO, HMO and Medicaid clients: What do I do if there are no providers in the network that can see my child, or my child gets put on a long wait list?

What is a self-insured plan and how do I get coverage if my plan is self-insured?

Are insurers allowed to impose visit limits on ABA therapy, speech therapy and OT?

We live in California and have been receiving ABA services through the Regional Center. We were recently told that we need to switch to Medi-Cal soon to receive our ABA services. We do not have managed care Medi-Cal, rather a waiver via institutional deeming. How can we continue to receive ABA therapy?

I have a preferred provider that I would like to use for ABA/Speech/OT but they do not accept insurance. What can I do?

I am in the United States on a temporary visa. Can my child with autism receive Medicaid?

I am a California resident and have requested ABA therapy from my Medi-Cal managed care plan for my child with autism. They have given me a list of providers, but all the providers have six month or longer wait lists. What can I do?

My employer plan does not offer ABA, Speech or OT. What are my options?